The Story Of Us

Relaxing, therapeutic and vitalising fitness for woman of all ages

Aliento was created in March 2010 as an alternative to traditional gyms for women of all ages.  Whilst going to the gym is the preferred fitness solution for some people, it’s certainly not for everyone.

Aliento has been specifically designed to create an effective, enjoyable and therapeutic alternative to traditional gyms where;

  • the exercise programmes are so versatile that they meet the needs of all women, regardless of age and physical condition
  • the routines are less high impact, joint stressing and percussive than those frequently found in traditional gym environments
  • exercise is supervised at all times to ensure maximum effectiveness and less risk of injury
  • the environment is informal, relaxed and social rather than competitive

After extensive research,  the Aliento offer was created around three key exercise and wellbeing solutions:

Shapemaster from the UK because it is the leading global solution for power assisted exercise and body toning systems. Nothing else compares in respect to versatility, adaptability and clinical support.



Whole Body Vibration machines because of the outstanding clinical record Whole Body Vibration Training has for it’s efficiency and effectiveness in respect to slimming, strengthening, increasing energy and healing the human body.

Vibrosaun – A relaxing and therapeutic massage and sauna capsule that was designed by a group of Australian doctors for weight loss, toning, pain management and stress relief