Welcome to Whole Body Vibration Training

Whole Body Vibration Training (WBVT) improves strength and power much faster than conventional training, with less personal exertion and a significantly reduced risk of injury. WBVT is suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels


Step on the Platform and Feel The Benefits

WBVT is a revolutionary form of exercise that can safely deliver the results of a gym workout in under 10 mins. The reason WBVT can do so much in such a short time, is due to the amount of energy the vibrating platform generates and the way that your body interacts with this energy.


Responses Are Automatic

If the acceleration is strong enough, your body responds in various ways to activate nerves and muscles to cope with the extra load. Muscles contract and relax automatically so your workout begins before you consciously move a muscle!


Cosmonauts Use WBVT

Whole Body Vibration Training was first developed to assist cosmonauts, whose muscles were deteriorating in space due to the effects of micro-gravity,  predisposing them to osteoporosis.


Fast Results With Less Effort

Medical scientists and researchers then began to explore other successful applications for Whole Body Vibration training. Research studies have revealed;

  • A dramatic improvement in flexibility, strength and stability
  • Shorter recovery times for joint and muscle injuries


It Takes Just Ten Minutes

Because the vibrating platform is adding acceleration to your body at up to 28 times a second, the amount of muscle activation can quickly become significant. It feels great, it’s quick, it’s safe and it’s easy!

NIne Reasons to Start Vibration Training Today!

Numerous studies conclude that workouts completed on vibration platforms provide health benefits that cannot be achieved through conventional training alone. The positive effects of Whole Body Vibration Training extend far beyond just slimming down and increasing muscle tone.

Here are some INDEPENDENT research findings that prove it’s well worth giving Whole Body Vibration a try:



Vibration training (at the correct settings) provides a comparable stimulus to 150 half squats at 3 times bodyweight

– Bosco et al.

Improved Body Composition


4 sessions a week for 16 weeks, one would expect an average 3-4 kgs fat loss

– Hazell et al.

Decreased Back Pain


Well-controlled vibration may be the cure of lower back pain. Doing vibration exercise twice a week for 12 weeks resulted in an average 76% reduction in back pain.

– Rittweger et al.



8.2% increase in flexibility via just one 5 min session

– Cochrane et al.



The most effective method to prevent long term bone loss.

– Professor Felsenberg, European Space Agency



A few minutes stance on a vibrating platform leads to an increase in blood volume

- Kerschan-Schindl et al.

Up to 400% increase in peripheral blood flow

- Lythgo. N

Increased Metabolism


Up to 18% increase in metabolism

- Bonner Physical Therapy Research Study

Improved Balance


Only 3 mins a day to maintain balance and reduce risks of fall.

– Cheung et al.

Three 4 min vibration sessions per week resulted in up to 52% improvement in balance over 6 weeks.

- Bruyere et al.

Increased Growth Hormone Production


Up to 450% increase in Human Growth Hormone production

- Bosco et al.

All Open Studio programmes include 10 minutes of Whole Body Vibration Training.  As a bonus, if we’re not too busy, you’re welcome to spend extra time on our vibration machines strengthening, performing a cardio workout or just massaging and relaxing.